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A great experience! Lisa is truly a professional with an artistic aesthetic.

– Kim R. Cooper RN, HFEN.

I found Lisa at The Spa in Fresno about three months ago and have been going ever since! What a difference she can make-I was amazed. She is discreet and professional. I am a nurse as well, so I knew I would be very particular with someone working with injections. She listened to my concerns and was very honest with my expectations. I never looked “overdone”, people at work kept saying “You must be getting a lot of rest” or my favorite, “Something is different. You look great. Are you losing weight?” I just smiled and said yes.

If you are ready to have the outside “you” match the great way you feel inside, go see Lisa. She is a great lady and a compassionate practitioner.


Let me start off by saying that she is a perfectionist! I have been receiving various services provided by Lisa for almost two years now. These services include injectable fillers in my cheeks and lips, Botox on my forehead and neck, and the VI peel on my face. I have tried several other doctors and nurses around town and in LA for similar work but nothing turned out as natural looking and splendid as when Lisa preforms this work on me. She always finds time for me so that I don’t have to wait several weeks, and she never lets me leave her office until everything is JUST right. She is fun to be around because she exudes confidence and radiates positivity. She is always self-improving by training up on the latest techniques from the best in the world which proves that she really wants to master what she does. I don’t know what I would do without her….she makes me feel so confident and happy. Thanks Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It is with great respect and gratitude that I write this testimonial on behalf of Lisa Walter-Roe. In September of 2009, I was diagnosed with divergence insufficiency (double vision) and a droopy eyelid. The onset was 10 days after I received Dysport injections in my forehead and frown line between my eyes from a well known and very successful Plastic/Cosmetic surgeon in San Francisco. I was very alarmed and saw several doctors, including my Opthalmologist. Everyone was baffled as to the cause. I was introduced to Lisa, by phone, who said she believed the double vision and droopy eyelid could have been caused by the injections. She did extensive research, including with her contacts in Beverly Hills, and found the connection. Dysport, a competitor of Botox, if injected too deeply can travel to the optical nerve and cause double vision and the droopy eyelid. The only thing I could do was to wait 8 weeks for the Dysport to wear off. During the 8 weeks, in which I was homebound, Lisa stayed in touch with me asking how I was doing and offering encouragement that the condition was temporary. This was extraordinary because at this time she had no connection to me except as a human being who was in need.

I never thought I would have injections again until I met Lisa, in person, to thank her. She spent time explaining the procedures to me, her confidence and expertise convinced me to try it again. I had the Botox shots successfully in my forehead and frown line. She also gave me Juvéderm shots around my mouth and I was thrilled with the results for both. Four months later, I returned for my Botox and also received Juvéderm shots under my eyes in my cheek area. Once again, I was thrilled at the results. I looked so rested and it made me feel so good.

Lisa is truly an expert and perfectionist. She takes her time with each individual, she studies their faces and needs, then makes personal suggestions. She is cost conscious and never overbearing. It is evident that she loves her profession and strives to give each client the best advice and results. I have been fortunate to have experienced many salons, beauty care professionals and doctors, both nationally and internationally. I can unequivocally state that Lisa is the very best in her expertise, knowledge, current practices and care, both professionally and personally. Lisa follows up, after the procedures with her clients to make sure they are satisfied and happy with the results. Her TLC is unmatched, as is her background, education and professional experiences. As a Licensed Practitioner, FNP/PA-C, she inspires patient confidence to try the procedures she recommends. It is quite evident that she takes pride in the successes she creates on her client’s faces.

I wholeheartedly and without any hesitation give Lisa my very highest recommendation. Fresno is lucky to have her here. I’ll be a client for life!

– Melinda

Lisa’s fantastic. Quick, accurate, great relaxing atmosphere and pricing is great! Thanks Lisa.


A few years ago I tried Juvederm in a well known office in Fresno, but wasn’t excited aabout my results. In April of 2012, I turned 43 and decided to visit Lisa. I had botox and Juvederm…..WOW! The results were fantastic! Lisa is so wonderful, she doesn’t believe in an OVER DONE look. You will look like you, but fresh! Lisa truly enjoys her work and is so wonderful to her clients. If you want to be beautiful and fresh looking , then give lisa a call you will not be disappointed!

Thanks Lisa, your a beautiful soul!

-Melissa L.

Amazing! Lisa is truly the best injector in town! I have been to many places in town for Botox & Juvederm and nothing has compared to the service and treatment that I received from Lisa. She is an artist. What she can do with injectables blows me away.

She knows the right areas to inject. I have sent many of my girlfriends to her and trust her completely.

She’s the best!!!!


I make a round trip of 130 miles to Fresno for an appointment with Lisa. I give her my complete (100%) trust to do her magic on my face. I am totally happy and will continue to have Lisa make me look (and obviousally feel) better. She is beautiful both inside and outside and very confident which makes me know she also cares for my feelings and personal appearance.

Hugs to you Lisa.

-Darlene S.

Lisa is extremely professional. I love that she listens! She tries to develop a strategy that will both please her client and address any concerns. I have always been extremely happy with Lisa and her services. Would never go anywhere else:)

-Kayla C.

Lisa is simple an artist. She’s gentle, considerate, and always lets me know what to do. I was so nervous the first time…I don’t hesitate to make my next appointment. Love Lisa and Christina in scheduling!!!

-Virginia C.

I received BOTOX for the first time with Lisa this year and the results were amazing! I was a little nervous because I’m terrified of needles and I was worried that my face would have a drastic change in expression. Lisa was very attentive and conscious of my needs, she did a fantastic job! I absolutely would and do recommend Lisa to anyone who is interested in injectable services! I can’t wait for my next appointment.

-Christina G.

I was one that would never ever have my lips done and now I can’t see ever stopping . Lisa evened out my lips and brought them to a natural shape that enhances my face and does not look overdone . Prior to Lisa, I only went to top plastic surgeon but I learned more from Lisa in one appointment than in all my previous years with them.

Lisa is a true artist, and then somehow she becomes your girlfriend ! Its just that simple.. I never could leave an office before with botox and go somewhere I would swell to much….and now I can even go out the same night . She never minds follow up touch up appointments and even encourages them!!!!! She seems to truly want you to be 100% happy . I’m also addicted for sure to lisa’s facial TLCm she has changed my life…..

-Elizabeth M.

OMG I couldn’t imagine going any where else for my BOTOX. Lisa is GREAT, I have sent all my friends to her and they to LOVE HER. What I love most about Lisa is her HONESTY and the fact she always keeps me looking NATURAL but YOUTHFUL and thats what I am looking for.

Lisa is great and makes you feel so comfortable everytime you to in to see her. If your looking for someone to see for Botox or Juvederm LOOK NO FURTHER Cosmetic Injectables By LISA is by far the BEST. She will leave you looking and feeling YOUNGER AND SEXIER.

-Melissa S.

WOW! Lisa is the real deal. I have used her for “tune ups and touch ups” as time has gone by. She is REALISTIC and amazing. Your look will be so much nicer than you imagined. Cannot say enough good about this girl!

-Janet J.

I visited Lisa for my first time in Nov 2011 for help with my deep frown lines between my eyes. What Lisa didn’t prepare me for was the over the top results I would also see in my eyes. About a week or two after my first treatment, people would comment, “did you change your hair”, “you look so fresh and rested” or “what is different’, your eyes are so bright! At first I couldn’t figure out what they were seeing, then I saw a picture of myself and understood! I have since had a treatment in Feb 2012 and will be seeing Lisa again in May, it just keeps getting better. Lisa has the ability to see what we cannot, she is very gentle with her approach and her treatment.

With Lisa’s background as a RN, I absolutely trust her with my BOTOX treatment! I am now sharing my before and after pictures with all of the people that made the comments above, and suggesting they give Lisa a call!

Thanks A MILLION……………

-Carol W.

Who wouldn’t want their face sculptured by this beautiful talented woman ! She truly is an artist and does amazing work .. With a gentle touch !

-Kerri B.

Lisa Walter-Roe is a nurse practitioner who specializes in injections for botox, juviderm & the very latest & safest injections offered in the cosmetic field. She is a perfectionist who studies each individual face to offer suggestions for improvement; she is magic for making one look less tired & frowny. I have been lucky enough to see Lisa since 2009. I Will candidly admit that over a number of years I have searched for the perfect professional for injections in San Francisco, Beverly Hills & New York, but there is no one is as talented with a needle as Lisa & she is here in Fresno…we are very lucky to have her here. I give Lisa my highest recommendation, without any reservation. Lisa, you are the best!

-Melinda H.

I have been visiting Lisa for over a year now and trust her professional opinion. She seems to intuitively know how to make me look and feel GREAT! Natural and refreshed! I look forward to every visit!

-Kim Cooper

I wanted to get my lips done so I did a lot of research. I felt very confident going to Lisa and it was a choice I don’t regret one bit.
She is very skilled, and precise,also her price was very fair.
I am very satisfied with my results.
Thank you SO much Lisa you are amazing at what you do as well as you who are.

-Christine D.

Not only does Lisa know PRECISELY what she is doing, but she is incredibly warm and welcoming as well. She is great at explaining the differences in treatment options, what the process entails, and what to expect after. She doesn’t try to up sell or give you something you don’t need or what would exceed your budget. She does, however, give honest feedback and suggestions, which I greatly appreciate. I am completely satisfied with everything she has done and will be returning for future treatments. Funny, charming, beautiful, and good at what she does…..what more could ask for!!

-Joyce M.

I have seen Lisa for a few different procedures, she is always extremely friendly, professional and honest… it this field it was be easy to take advantage but Lisa is the BEST she advises on what is best for you … she is a ARTIST and your face is her canvas.

-K. C.

Returned for more goodness!!! Lisa is still the best. I had an Apeele medical grade peel today. My skin will be baby soft and refreshed in 3 days! Perhaps a little shot of botox too 🙂

-Alexandra D.

Lisa is amazing! Just as many of these reviews have mentioned she is a perfectionist and this is what I appreciate the most. These procedures can be a little scary as well and she made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I have been to her for botox, juvederm and latisse. I am beyond satisfied with my results and I would recommend anyone and everyone that is interested in these procedures. Her space is so relaxing and she is very hospitable. I love that I can have a glass of wine or a hot cup of tea and just relax. She truly cares about her clients and she spends as much time as needed with her clients to answer any and all of their questions and concerns. I love her and truly appreciate everything she has done. I am one happy and satisfied customer 🙂

-Christina C.

Lisa is absolutely AMAZING! She is very experienced and knowledgeable in her craft! I have followed her to her newest location and greatly recommend her to anyone! She is always up to date on the latest injection techniques and continues her education in cosmetic Injectables yearly. Lisa not only does botox and fillers, but all has the best medical grade peels on the market. If you are looking for a slight improvement to your appearance or overall dramatic change Lisa can work wonders!

-Amy Z.

Lisa is AMAZING!! THE BEST! She is an absolute perfectionist who studies each person’s face with precision, and takes the time necessary to yield beautiful results. Her trained eye will see things that I wouldn’t necessarily see but, at that same time, she will never “over-correct” anything. She’s incredibly talented, professional, and personable, and I give her my absolute highest recommendation.

Lisa recently moved and, although I absolutely LOVE her new location (it’s WONDERFUL), she could go ANYWHERE and I would follow her.

Thank you, Lisa!!

-Cheryl F.

Lisa is amazing. I had Botox and fillers and she really knows how to give you the best results within your budget. Lisa made a Sunday appointment to accommodate me. Her new office is so cozy and welcoming it s like being at a friends house. I have been to two other places, spent a lot more money and didn’t get near the results Lisa gave me!

-Kat D.

First of all I am a Nurse Practitioner. Therefore, very exacting. From SF Bay Area, with family in Fresno. Was here 1 month ago and found Lisa by chance. I needed my Juvederm redone desperately for large family event. Lisa by far is the best injector I’ve been to so far, and I’ve done Juvederm once or twice a year for last several years. I’ve decided to get it done by her from now on, on one of my 6-7 yearly visits. She did my ” parenthesis” on side of nose to mouth and lips… An area I swore never to do again after repeated failed (duck) lips. Twice given to me by Plastic Surgeons in SF! She really is the best. Thanks again Lisa. My lips are fabulous!!

She’s an artist. Not only does she have the eye to know exactly where and how much Botox you need, but her prices are very competitive. Why go anywhere else?!
I have been getting Botox for over 10 years from different well known doctors in town. No one comes close to her work. I have Bell’s Palsy, a condition that causes facial paralysis to return when getting injections on the face. Lisa is the only person who has been able to inject me without causing any paralysis. She’s amazing. Just wish I could find a “Lisa” for everything else in y life!

-Elisa H

I’ve been going to Lisa for over a year now and have received nothing but excellent services from her! Shes so gental and caring with her work! An over-all professional! I would highly recommend her to anyone! She makes me feel and look wonderful!

-Lynn P.

Lisa just took my 35 year, aging virgin wrinkles to a whole new and much more youthful fabulous level. It was time and she was amazing. See you soon Lisa. Your are an amazing artist. Thanks for being local. We need you.

-Sarah P.

Not only does Lisa know PRECISELY what she is doing, but she is incredibly warm and welcoming as well. She is great at explaining the differences in treatment options, what the process entails, and what to expect after. She doesn’t try to up sell or give you something you don’t need or what would exceed your budget. She does, however, give honest feedback and suggestions, which I greatly appreciate. I am completely satisfied with everything she has done and will be returning for future treatments. Funny, charming, beautiful, and good at what she does…..what more could ask for!!

-Christine D.

Lisa is amazing! I wholeheartedly trust her expertise. She took her time with me and made me feel at ease. Most places don’t seem to focus on the customer and rush through the process. Lisa spends her time explaining what she is doing and what the results will look like. Can’t wait to see her for my next treatment!!

-Katheryn E.

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