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We all have our Ideal view of what beauty is…
It starts from within; we change with the passing of time
Our souls do not age
Our bodies try to keep up
Our faces struggle
My passion, my gift is helping to restore
“Your Beauty”
so the outside matches the inside


Lisa Walter MSN, ANP – Aesthetic Nurse Practioner

Lisa received her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing at California State University Fresno, CA.  She continued her studies and earned a Masters Degree in Critical Care and Cardiology Nursing at University of California, San Francisco and received her Physician Assistant and Nurse Practitioner licenses at Stanford Medical Center University. She then focused her studies and continued her training in the area of Aesthetics with the Aesthetic Advancements Nurses Organization, learning the latest techniques in facial enhancements with the artistic use of fillers and neuro modulators. Lisa is the proprietor of A New You, Inc., a medical corporation and works under the direction of Dr. Alan Shows, MD.  She specializes in lip augmentation giving you a natural, fuller lip to help bring back that youthfulness you remember without being overdone. She is also trained and authorized to perform the Arque Derma™, Artistic Restoration Lift.

Dr. Alan Shows, MD – Supervising Physician

Lisa has a strong belief in health maintenance and disease prevention. She has over 20 years of experience in the medical field as a Cardiology Nurse Practitioner. She teaches and practices healthy lifestyle techniques with an emphasis on diet and exercise. She believes you treat the body from the inside out and care for it like a castle. The use of natural, safe fillers and wrinkle prevention with neuro modulators aligns with her philosophy of being and feeling the best you can.

Lisa’s natural ability to connect with her patients sets her apart from other injectors in the market place. She has a natural eye for creating balance and symmetry in a face, thus enhancing your inherent beauty in a subtle way that does not look overdone. People will notice you “just look more refreshed.”

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