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Beauty Starts from the Inside Out

Prior to my leap into the beauty industry I spent the majority of my adult years talking about health and prevention. Still, every day I share with my patients who have had heart problems or are at risk for heart problems how to treat their bodies like gold. Every day the body needs fuel…high octane fuel, and that does not mean sugar, nicotine or fast food. When we give our bodies that good fuel, it recreates our cells which in turn will create beauty and prevent disease.

Our body has a surveillance system that every day rejects cancer cells and also tries to take out the bad fats to prevent heart attack and stroke. But if we don’t consume good foods and exercise, the body can be overwhelmed with toxins. In addition we must expose our minds to healthy practices such as yoga , meditation, quality family time and good friends.

  1. Exercise 30 minutes a day, every day.
  2. Consume a Diet high in vegetables and fruits, less meat and high in fiber
  3. Never Smoke…if you do, Quit! (more spoils for yourself at the Spa!).
  4. Maintain a healthy weight defined as a Body Mass Index less than 30


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So now we are healthy on the inside….How do we keep the outside looking youthful?

I found that even though I practiced what I preached, my face did not keep up with the body. Your skin will reflect your health with that natural glow, but those lines and wrinkles that age us somehow creep up on us, even as early as our 20’s and 30’s.

Dynamic lines with expression become permanent lines which age us. These can be eliminated and prevented with Botox treatments on a regular basis. You will be amazed at how much youth will return with the softening of those lines.

Lips and folds can be rejuvenated with filler. Dermal fillers are instantaneous and will make you feel like a new person as soon as you leave my room. It even gets better over time helping your face create new collagen. I love sculpting lips and no amount of exercise will make you look better than when you get those plump soft lips back.

The body is a package. Start with the inside and we, at Cosmetic Injectables by Lisa can help you with the outside. It is all about balance and inner peace. Your beauty will shine through!

– Lisa Walter MSN, ANP






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